Hi! I'm Taylor and I am a Calgary based wedding photographer for the couples who love to feel the wind blow through their hair. I believe intimate is the way to go! I love capturing the CONNECTION between you and your loved one. I'm not about poses. I want those RAW moments that are gone in the blink of an eye, the glow in your eye.. when he looks at you. The way it feels as he touches your hair and holds you tight while kissing your neck and the laughs that you share together. I want to be YOUR STORY LISTENER. Let's start this adventure together, and YOUR STORY. Does this sound like your STORY?? well lets chat!! I can't wait to hear all about you! 


WHO AM I??? 

here are some random facts about Taylor

- I have always loved taking photos even when I was a wee little child

- I'm not 5 feet 

- I am in LOVE with SURFING (I wish I lived near an ocean)

- Autobiographies are my jam (If you have any that you love let me know!)

- If I wasn't a photographer I would be an interior designer or a yoga instructor (even tho I am not flexible at all)

- Black, Black and more black I am often wearing black

- My first ever shoot was a boudoir session and I instantly feel in love

- I want my photos to be apart of history! I LOVE looking in history books and seeing all the wonderful photos!

- Reality TV is my secret guilty pleasure